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Technology for Schools Using Microsoft Teams

technology for schools

The face of education has changed drastically over the years. With more than 46.9% of K-12 students now learning in hybrid or virtual formats, it’s clear that blended education is now a cornerstone of modern education.

More and more schools are turning to all-in-one solutions to manage ongoing teaching efforts, such as platforms like Microsoft Teams. Over 270 million users rely on this software every day, including thousands of teachers from all over the world.

But the transition may require the help of secondary technology. Let’s explore the tools that you may need as your school integrates with Teams.

Why Microsoft Teams is a solid technology for schools

Microsoft Teams for Education is now one of the most widely used technology platforms for schools worldwide. With so many benefits available, it’s not hard to see why:

  • Increased productivity and collaboration tools. Any functionality that is not available through native programs can be integrated with third-party apps.
  • One-stop shop meetings. The “Meet Now” feature makes it easy for students and teachers to connect for virtual meetings as a class or as individuals.
  • Securely guarded access. School IT administrators can quickly control access, edits, or document uploads to Teams. Setting preset groups quickly organizes users and assigns access ranks.
  • Cloud tools. The Teams platform can be accessed from any location with an internet connection, which is great for schools with BYOD policies or 1:1 initiatives. Also, there's no special equipment required to get started; you just need a phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Intuitive environment. Teams relies on a simple and straightforward interface, which is ideal for busy school systems that need to get up and running quickly.

Teams offers a solid foundation for virtual or blended learning. But to make the most of your investment, additional tools may be required.

The best technology for schools using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams performs at its best when used with the right technology. Modern K-12 educators need three primary tools to leverage all functions effectively.

Microsoft 365

If you want to integrate with Teams effectively, you'll need to work with the Microsoft 365 suite. These programs were designed to maximize each other’s value with simple file sharing and immediate data transfers.

You could use Microsoft 365 with Teams to:

  • Create a business or class email to stay in touch with students and teachers.
  • Set up live captions, and take clipped recordings for future reference.
  • Harness the power of whiteboard tools to create dynamic displays for students.

Keep in mind that Microsoft 365 comes with access to Teams. If your organization doesn’t yet own a license, consider chatting with a Microsoft representative.

Computer hardware

Virtually any device has the requirements necessary to launch Teams. However, some platforms, browsers, and operating systems can handle this better than others.

Be sure to acquire the right hardware tools before integrating with Teams, including:

  • A recent operating system. Microsoft recommends Windows 11 devices or higher.
  • Good audio equipment. Internal microphones are not always enough to capture voices effectively. External equipment is relatively inexpensive and can be delegated to specific teachers or rotated on a regular basis.
  • Webcam capabilities. Most devices come with a decent camera, but you'll want to ensure that it's good enough to stream clear video. If not, you can purchase secondary hardware that plugs directly into the machine.

Feel free to purchase hardware for your staff through cooperative contracts, online, or with a governmental agreement.


Beedle is a one-stop shop app for teachers in any environment. Different tools in the same functional app simplify the educational journey for admins, staff, students, and their parents.

The most popular tools include:

  • Diary planner
  • Multifunction assessment tools
  • Accessible class list

With seven established education modules and over 700 happy clients, Beedle is a force multiplier for schools all over the world.

How Beedle’s technology for schools maximizes your investment

Regardless of your glass or grade level, Beedle is the best way to maximize the value of your Microsoft Teams integration. Here's why:

  • The platform was built for teachers and by teachers for the penultimate classroom experience. Rather than siloing apps into individual tools, Beedle provides all-in-one functionality at the touch of a button.
  • The Beedle team genuinely cares about the success of every student, which is why the app engages guardians both inside and outside the classroom. The guardian tools help parents communicate directly with teachers and monitor their students' progress, keeping a finger on the pulse of their development and learning struggles.
  • Teachers should always feel in control of their learning goals. With Beedle, educators can easily define curricula and set learning objectives that are automatically tied to every lesson. Students can immediately see their expectations and outcomes, while educators can track classroom progress from a single dashboard view.

Beedle is an all-in-one solution for teaching and learning in Microsoft Teams, giving schools the power to leverage Teams for improved resource and lesson planning, class management, insight organization, and more!

If you’re in a Teams district or school and want to unlock the true potential of Microsoft Teams, contact our specialists to maximize the worth of your Microsoft Teams investment today!